Progress in Biomechanics of Materials in 2021

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    Tissue has a complex three-dimensional (3D) dynamic structure, and is affected by various forms of forces. Cells sense mechanical forces from extracellular matrix (ECM), and the mechanical micro-environment constructed by ECM regulates different biological functions of cells. To prepare biomaterials which can simulate the ECM mechanical micro-environment of tissues is one of the research hot spots and difficulties in biomechanical field. Different physical and chemical properties of biomaterials endow materials with specific mechanical properties, which further affect the behavior and function of cells. Based on the latest literature of biomechanics of materials in the year 2021, this study mainly focused on the role of novel mechanical biomaterials in regulating cell biological behavior and application in tissue engineering. The future development direction in the field of biomechanics of materials was also discussed.

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CHEN Zhenyin, Lü Yonggang. Progress in Biomechanics of Materials in 2021[J]. Journal of medical biomechanics,2022,37(2):211-218

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