Progress of Corneal and Scleral Biomechanics in 2021

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    As the outermost layer of the eyeball, corneal and scleral tissues play an important role in the maintenance of ocular morphology and refraction function. The cornea and sclera are both typical viscoelastic tissues, and changes in their biomechanical properties can lead to corresponding ocular diseases such as myopia and keratoconous. In clinic, biomechanical behavior can be changed by altering the tissue and morphological structures of cornea and sclera ( such as refractive surgery, orthokeratology wear, corneal collagen crosslinking), so as to treat some ocular diseases related to refraction. In this review, the progress of biomechanical researches in corneal and scleral diseases as well as its clinical translation was summarized, and problems in clinic treatments were clarified and discussed, so as to provide references for improving diagnostic and therapeutic strategies, and developing new potential approaches in clinic treatments.

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LI Xiaona, CHEN Weiyi. Progress of Corneal and Scleral Biomechanics in 2021[J]. Journal of medical biomechanics,2022,37(6):993-999

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