Advances in Cardiovascular Biomechanics and Mechanobiology Research in 2022

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    The cardiovascular system plays a crucial role in the entire organism. It performs many important functions, such as providing organs and tissues with nutrients, hormones, delivering oxygen to cells, and maintaining physiological temperature. For a long time, accurately identifying the nonlinear and anisotropic mechanical properties of the vascular wall within the body has been regarded as a key challenge in cardiovascular biomechanics, as these properties are critical determinants of overall cardiac function. Currently, the roles of mechanical and tissue properties in cardiovascular diseases such as arterial aneurysms and atherosclerosis remain hot topics in both basic and clinical researches. This review aims to summarize the latest research advances in the field of cardiovascular biomechanics and mechanobiology in the year 2022. In terms of cardiovascular biomechanics, researchers focus on the structure, function, and pathophysiology of the cardiovascular system, and use experimental methods such as mechanical modeling to study these issues. These include studies about biomechanical properties of diseases such as atherosclerosis, arterial aneurysms, and myocardial infarction, as well as the development and testing of treatment methods based on dynamics of the cardiovascular system. In terms of mechanobiology, researchers explore mechanical properties of cardiovascular cells and extracellular matrix, including prediction of cell mechanical properties based on machine learning, studies of biological material mechanical properties, and the role of mechanical properties in cardiovascular cell phenotype changes. These research findings provide new ideas and methods for diagnosing and treating cardiovascular diseases and offer new insights into researches in biomechanics and mechanobiology fields.

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KONG Qihang, ZHOU Junteng, LIU Xiaojing. Advances in Cardiovascular Biomechanics and Mechanobiology Research in 2022[J]. Journal of medical biomechanics,2023,38(3):420-432

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