Research Advances in Dental Biomechanics in 2022

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    From biomechanics to mechanobiology, and then to mechanomedicine in the intersection frontiers of mechanics and life and medical science, biomechanics strongly promotes the development of biomedical engineering and plays a pivotal role in disease diagnosis and treatment. Similarly, the study of dental biomechanics can help to break through the research bottleneck and solve the difficult problems in clinical practice. Combined with the latest progress in the field of oral biomechanics in 2022, this review focuses on the development and application of biomechanics in the field of stomatology from two aspects: the main mechanical organs of the oral and maxillarfacial system, and their related mechanomedicine. Special attention is given to mechanobiology effects and subsequent mechanotherapy, with the aim to facilitate transformation and application of the achievements in dental biomechanics.

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ZHANG Min, ZHANG Songbai, WANG Junjun. Research Advances in Dental Biomechanics in 2022[J]. Journal of medical biomechanics,2023,38(5):854-863

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