ZHANG Lei,FANG Xucheng,GE Bin.Experimental Study on a Novel Electromagnetic Pulsatile Blood Pump[J].Journal of medical biomechanics,2019,34(2):173-178
Experimental Study on a Novel Electromagnetic Pulsatile Blood Pump
Received:October 07, 2018  Revised:November 10, 2018
Chinese key words:  搏动泵  电磁驱动  溶血实验
English Key words:pulsatile pump  electromagnetic drive  hemolysis test
Fund project:上海市大学生创新计划基金项目 (2016118)
Author NameAffiliation
ZHANG Lei School of Medical Instrument and Food Engineering, University of Shanghai for Science and Technology 
FANG Xucheng Department of Critical Care Medicine, East City Hospital of Shanghai Yangpu District 
GE Bin School of Medical Instrument and Food Engineering, University of Shanghai for Science and Technology 
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Chinese abstract:
      目的 探究一种新型电磁搏动式血泵的动力输出性能及血液相容性。方法 首先通过建立理论模型对该血泵驱动力进行分析,并基于该模型计算出满足条件的实验驱动电压。设计体外模拟循环实验,对新型血泵的输出流量和输出压力特性及血泵的体外溶血性能进行初步实验研究。结果 实验测得当血泵后负荷为73-5 mmHg(9-78 kPa, 1 mmHg=0-133 kPa)、驱动电压达到35 V、搏动频率为75/min时,实际输出的流量为3-18 L/min,可以提供高压132 mmHg(17-56 kPa)、低压66 mmHg(8-78 kPa)、平均压力98 mmHg(13-03 kPa),体外实验标准溶血指数(normalized index of haematolysis, NIH)为(0-049 15±0-003 75) mg/dL。结论 该新型搏动式血泵能够满足离体器官灌注和体外循环短期辅助的临床要求,对体外循环血泵的发展具有重要意义。
English abstract:
      Objective To explore the power output and blood compatibility of a novel electromagnetic pulsatile blood pump. Methods First, a theoretical model was established to analyze the driving force of the blood pump, and the experimental driving voltage satisfying the conditions was calculated based on this model. Then, the output flow rate, output pressure characteristics and hemolysis performance of the new blood pump in vitro were preliminarily analyzed by simulated circulation experiments. Results The experimental result showed that when the pump load was 73-5 mmHg (9-78 kPa, 1 mmHg=0-133 kPa), the driving voltage was 35 V and the pulsation frequency was 75 beats/min, the flow rate of the pump was 3-18 L/min, producing high, low and average pressure of 132, 66, 98 mmHg (17-56, 8-78, 13-03 kPa), and the normalized index of haematolysis (NIH) in vitro was (0-049 15+0-003 75) mg/dL. Conclusions The new pulsatile blood pump can satisfy the clinical requirements for perfusion of isolated organs and short-term assistance of cardiopulmonary bypass, which is of great significance to the development of cardiopulmonary bypass blood pump.
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